June 12, 2012

Reserva de Familia capitulo 52 Telenovela online

Present Reserva de Familia capitulo 52 Telenovela online, this episode will air on Tuesday June 12, 2012. You can enjoy all the chapters of Reserva de Familia capitulo 52 Telenovela that airs on the channel Televisa. 

Reserva de Familia : Family Reserve is entered in the most inhospitable corners and hidden from the Ruiz-Tagle, a patriarchal clan and winemaker that will be faced with the ambitions of power within the family and the rivalry that will break with their historical enemies: The Rivera. After a failed assassination attempt, Miguel Ruiz-Tagle a renowned vineyard manager is amnesiac. Back at home trying to recover his memory, his life and discover who tried to kill him. Betrayed and no memory quickly realizes he can not trust anyone, they all lie and family farce Miguel alone. Family Book tells the story of Miguel Ruiz-Tagle and its environment. 

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