June 19, 2012

Escobar, El patron del mal Capítulo 17 Telenovela online

Escobar, El patron del mal Capítulo 17 Telenovela online, this episode is the day Tuesday June 19, 2012. You can see all the episode of Escobar, El patron del mal Capítulo 17 online that airs on the channel Caracol. Escobar, El patron del mal Capítulo 17 Telenovela.

Escobar, El patron del mal:  Recorded in high definition optical film, Pablo Escobar, the pattern of evil is the most ambitious series that has occurred in Colombia. Based on a complete document of journalism and the testimonies of people who somehow had to do with this genius of evil, the series portrays the life of Pablo Escobar from its origins as the son of the teacher of a village near Medellin, through its beginnings as a criminal who stole tombstones and was involved in smuggling and finally finding the way in the drug trade to become one of the richest men and feared the world. Much has been said of Escobar, he did, but we have not seen how they did: their first shipment, the intimacy of his life of crime, the relationship with partners, with her mom and proud of his personality. Fun borders, invented routes, tons of cocaine exported to the U.S. and Europe and that formed the Medellin cartel.

Una Maid en Manhattan capitulo 144 Telenovela online

Una Maid en Manhattan capitulo 144. View Telenovelaytv can see the soap opera Una Maid en Manhattan capitulo 144 online at well-defined and as soon as possible. You can see all the episode of this soap opera broadcast in section entire episode. This episode will premiere on Tuesday, June 19, 2012 by Telemundo Television.

Una Maid en Manhattan: The story of Marisa Lujan (Litzy), a young Mexican woman who due to unforeseen circumstances and unfortunate, migrates to the U.S. with Lalo, your 10 years of age. After arriving in Los Angeles and stay there for a short period of time, Marisa goes to Manhattan where he began working as a waitress in one of the most prestigious and luxurious hotels in the Big Apple. It is at this time a love story flourishes when Marisa meets Christopher Parker (Eugenio Siller), a young businessman who for a very successful equivocal believes she is a guest of the hotel.

Por Ella Soy Eva capitulo 87 Telenovela online

Por Ella Soy Eva capitulo 87 online, this episode is the day Tuesday June 19, 2012. You can see all the  episode  of Por Ella Soy Eva capitulo 87 Telenovela that airs on the channel Televisa. Por Ella Soy Eva capitulo 87 avance.
Por Ella Soy Eva: Juan Carlos Caballero, unrepentant seducer who uses women and does not believe in love, is a prominent executive of Empire Group, a leading company engaged in business activities and tourism. Using his famous conqueror skills pretends to be a foreign employer and tries to rob Helena Moreno, a single mother entrepreneur-its innovative tourism development project for a Mexican beach, however, against all odds, to live with her ​​lover is discovered first.

When you think reveal the truth is discovered by her, and yet is wrongly accused of a substantial fraud by the CFO of the company where he works, the perverse Plutarch Ramos, who is also the one who actually has won a major project Helena and now, like the Tourism Commission, accused of plagiarism. Pursued by police, Juan Carlos flees, while in Group empire, hire Plutarcodecide Helena to be she who directed the project, the young, unemployed and with a charge over, is forced to accept the position to demonstrate that he suffered a deception. That's when Juan Carlos, who is hidden, is the opportunity to return to clear his name at all and regain the love of Helena. How to be near Helena without her knowing and how to investigate who indicted him unfairly in the massive fraud? Juan Carlos makes an effort and decides, for the love of Helena, characterized Eve thus learn a lesson that will change your outlook on life and their perception of women to become a man of integrity and power finally delivered to the true love.

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