June 09, 2012

Amor de Carnaval Capítulo 36 Telenovela

Amor de Carnaval Capítulo 36 onlinethis chapter is the day Friday June 8, 2012. You can see all the episode of this soap opera that airs on the channel Caracol. Amor de Carnaval Capítulo 36 Telenovela.
Amor de Carnaval : The novel begins at a ball game, where the passion for the diamond runs and involves two families, and Donated Slebi, in a tale of love and hate. In this sporting event defines the basis for the career of a young Barranquilla, Andy Slebi, as a professional player, inadvertently ruining the dreams of Donated Micky. After many years Andy returns to his hometown to reunite with Donated Vanessa, who has waited for years without knowing that he was no longer the innocent boy who promised to return, and became an insatiable womanizer. This romance will become impossible due to the plays of fate, but the passion, color, joy and fury coast for the sport, you'll be a different nuance to the story. "The city of Barranquilla with its heat, its picturesque architecture, unique carnival, their stadiums, beaches, fishing and innate energy of its people, Love is the scene of carnival. A production that we have tried to imbue this particular flavor of the Caribbean, in order to give a true tribute to this region of Colombia, "said Malcolm Aponte, executive producer of the soap opera, who shares this claim with Arleth Castillo, writer and scriptwriter production.

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