June 14, 2012

Amor Cautivo Capítulo 14 Telenovela online

In Telenovela y TV  we present Amor Cautivo Capítulo 14 online, this episode will be issued on Thursday, June 14, 2012. You can enjoy all the episode of this spectacular soap opera that airs on the channel Aztec. Amor Cautivo Capítulo 14 Telenovela

Amor Cautivo : A sinister kidnapping will be the basis for triggering a series of events that need to be clarified sooner or later. Arap Bethke will play "Fernando Bustamante," who is a lawyer, noble and warm, director of the Foundation of his mother, is about to get married, think you are in love, but a joke of fate will take you to the woman who knows the true love. Marked with ideals and ethics in his actions, "Fernando" is driven by life without ambition that characterizes his father, who has never had a good relationship, but respect him. Admires and adores his mother, whom he considers a woman fair, just and fair, that until "Fernando" discover dark secrets that will change the image of her.

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